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SKU Title Price
RL-P0PV The Power of Perspective - MP3 $9.00
RL-POPS The Power of Perseverance -MP3 $9.00
RL-TNT3 Taking New Territory -MP3 $9.00
IGC-LD1-1 Build the house - MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IGC-LD1-2 Build the Team MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IGC-LD1-3 Scarey Leadership MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IC-LD2-1 Leading with a pioneer spirit MP3 Download $8.00
IGC-LD2-2 Missional Leadership MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IGC-LD2-3 Breaking out of the Average MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IGC-LD3-1 Thinking Healthy MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IGC-LD3-2 Enduring and Enjoying Ministry MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IGC-LD3-3 Three Achilles heals of Ministry - MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IG-ISDL Innovative Spirit -Dowloadable Media $59.00
IGC-TFNMP3 Transformation Download $18.00
IG-ISUSB Innovative Spirit - USB Media $79.00

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