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SKU Title Price
IC-PPL The Power of a Prayer Language - MP3 DOWNLOAD $4.00
IGC-WD1 Wake Up and Dream MP3 DOWNLOAD $4.00
IGC-WD2 Now to Next MP3 DOWNLOAD $4.00
IGC-WD3 Apostolic People - MP3 DOWNLOAD $4.00
IGC-JBT Jesus, Better Than You Think - VIDEO DOWNLOAD $5.00
IGC-LG1 Living Generously MP3 Download $8.00
IGC-LG2 Living Strategicaly Generous MP3 DOWNLOAD $8.00
IGC-WC2 Seed Time and Harvest - MP3 DOWNLOAD $4.00
IGC-WC3 Securing the Supply line MP3 DOWNLOAD $4.00
IGC-MMP Releasing your money making potential - MP3 DOWNLOAD $4.00
IGC-GG2 Unlocking Witnessing MP3 DOWNLOAD $4.00
IGC-USBEL Extraordinary Living Downloadable Media $79.00
IGC-USBAL Maximising Your Leadership Downloadable Media $79.00
IGC-USBSF Seizing your Future Downloadable Media $79.00
IGC-MFGMP3 Manifesting Goodness MP3 set $4.00


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