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All product is available in a choice of media type:

  1. DOWNLOAD – all individual teaching sessions are available to download immediately
  2. MY USB – select teaching sessions from the full catalog of titles and we will create and ship your customized media band/stick
  3. USB BUNDLES – select the topic and we will ship a bundle of teaching focused on that theme


Innovation Spirit 

Innovative Spirit is a USB Media Pack with hours of Media that Will inspire you to live on the edge of innovation, creativity and financial ingenuity.








11 Messages on Living an Extraordinary Life


 Discover the key elements to unleashing Culture in your community.

Over 12 thoughtful and inspiring sessions on elements to transformation and how culture plays a key role into that. to your mind, your community, city and nation.


Heaven to Earth - NEW!!!

A new USB with teachings on how the Kingdom is impacting the world around us. 



In three motivational messages, Ian talks about God’s twin engines that of the kingdom of God and the church. He will inspire and astound you in the real church is standing out, your mind will be stretched as you learn about how the real Kingdom is spreading its influence and encouraged when you hear stories
of the Kingdom making way for the Church.

1   Stories of the Kingsom making way for the Chucrch
2   The Real kingdom is spreading its influence
3   The Real Church is standing out




In these three motivational  messages, Ian discusses the inspiration of disruptive creators.  This set will motivate and educate those who desire to innovate, create, and see God's kingdom change their community, city, and life. 

  •    The set includes:
  •      Disruptive From the Core
  •      Transformational Leadership
  •      Qualities of a kingdom Facilitator



In these three messages, Ian discusses a new form of the church that is
refocused on the Kingdom of God and transformation. This reformulation has
the potential to significantly change the way we live and think about our cities
and communities, and the part we can play in their destiny. These messages
have the potential to inspire and assist you to bring change and transformation
to your mind, your community, city and nation.




Manifesting the Goodness of God NEW!!!

We are living in extraordinary days where those who have active faith and courage will respond to the world with grace, courage, faith and belief and see cultures changed and momentum charged with living hope; This teaching series will empower you with the tools to be an active innovator and will inspire you to manifest the Goodness of God in the world around you.





The Art of Becoming

Do you have aspirations, hopes and vision that require greater resource and capacity than you currently have within your grasp. In this motivating series of 3 teaching sessions Ian unpacks how by focusing on outcomes instead of lack, miracles can happen. Becoming who we want to be and doing what we aspire to is not a science, it is an art form. You can achieve far more than what you think is possible. Learn how to step beyond your capacity and resource limitations into a values-led future brimming with potential and hope.


  • - Increasing your capacity
  • - Leadership Formations
  • - Soul Passion




Understand the true Nature of Favour, that is is not what you get, but how you see God.  Frame your world with a view that is filled with goodness, destiny, faith and hope.  Learn to expect, recognise and respond to favour.  Break the Myths about favour and learn how to activate it in your life.   This is for MP3 downloads




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