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Welcome to Ian Green's Online Resource CentreIan has been a sought.after international speaker for nearly four decades in churches, conferences and leadership forums. His energy is infectious and he has the ability to engage his audience by injecting faith, humour and challenge into his communication.  This site is loaded with some of the rich content he has to offer.  




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Ian's New Book - Checking into Faith

Checking into Faith removes the vagueness of faith. It takes you on a journey real life stories, biblical narratives and fundamental mindsets and actions to see faith's objectives realised. You will discover: ‘Faith is the currency of heaven. This is not optional extra. 'Without it no one can please God’ 'Faith gives you the ability to live beyond the natural and to move into the supernatural. It the door way into a much larger life.' Faith has a definition: ‘It is the inner conviction, God will do it.’ `Its the title deed for what your are believing for.' 'Faith breaks open brand new worlds, that you can explore and enjoy.’ It lets you experience the the 'God' dimension.’ Life and revelation emanates from this book. You will experience the infusion of faith into your inner world. Checking into Faith is for those who want to live in the supernatural dimension they were created for.


Featured  Session 

Transforming Communities - Mp3 Set  

This DOWNLOADABLE  set contains the following

  • Blessings and Benefits of Favor
  • Brokers of Hope
  • Church and Transformation
  • Create the Future
  • Elements of Transformation
  • Foundations of Favor
  • Its Time to Go
  • Just say Yes
  • Manifest the Goodness of God
  • Prayer Evengelism
  • Soul Passion
  • The Power to Overcome
  • Walking in Favour  


All product is available in a choice of media type:

  1. DOWNLOAD – all individual teaching sessions are available to download immediately
  2. MY USB – select teaching sessions from the full catalog of titles and we will create and ship your customized media band/stick
  3. USB BUNDLES – select the topic and we will ship a bundle of teaching focused on that theme


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